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adam Gibson

My mother has worked in nursing homes all my life, and when I was a child, she would bring me into work with her and introduce me to all the residents. I loved going into work with her and making all the residents smile and laugh.

I knew from a very young age that I enjoyed making people feel better and smile. Those are a few of the main reasons I decided to go into nursing. I knew Hondros College of Nursing was accommodating to individuals who wanted to continue working full time while obtaining their degree. From my very first visit to HCN, I could tell the staff was extremely helpful and accommodating.

If you’re thinking about attending nursing school, just commit one step at a time. Submit an application, express interest, reach out and initiate the process. Once you get the ball rolling, you will have your degree before you know it.

Time management is extremely important. Not only fitting time in for school, work and life obligations, but also for stress reduction and doing things that make you happy. It was very important to my personal well-being to make sure I was allowing for time to treat myself!

I am very thankful to HCN for helping me to fulfill my goals of advancing my nursing career. HCN was very accommodating to my busy life and was always available to assist when needed. I couldn’t be happier to have accomplished this major goal in my life.

Adam Gibson is a graduate of Hondros College of Nursing and currently works at Riverside Methodist Hospital.

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