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alisha Backo

My whole life, I have always wanted to help others. Something happened to my family and me when I was about 12 years old that impacted me for the rest of my life. Our house burned down while my family and I were in it. Thankfully, we all survived. There were so many people that helped my family and me. The kindness we received from others showed me to be a better person and to always help others in need no matter what.

Caring for people runs in my family. That is where I get my inspiration from. My grandma was a nurse in the military, and my mom is a caregiver for many elderly people. I also have two aunts that are nurses. My younger sister is in the Air Force now, but over the years, I have taken care of her through different surgeries she has had to go through. She is the strongest person I know.

I chose Hondros College of Nursing partly because of where it was. The location was key to my decision. Now that I am in class, I can tell you that the faculty and staff are amazing and very helpful. If you decide to go to nursing school, know that it will not be the easiest journey, but it is what you make of it. In the end, it is all worth it.

Here’s my advice. Form a study group, ask a lot of questions and go to tutoring! It will help you out so much. Also, listen to what your instructor says. Take good notes, stay organized and make notecards. I even record myself and listen to the material before taking a test. You can do this!

Alisha Backo is a student in the Practical Nursing program at the Independence campus. She is currently working at University Hospitals.

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