Success Stories

Diamond Cardwell Aubrea McCarley

Aubrea McCarley & Diamond Cardwell

Aubrea McCarley:
My mother is a nurse and so is my grandmother. So, I decided to go to Hondros College of Nursing to keep the tradition going. But it’s also because I wanted to get into a career that cares for others.

I really like the program and staff. My instructors are VERY helpful, and they always make sure I understand what we are learning. They help me reach my goals.

You have to manage your time well and stay organized. Also, you have to study! Nursing is a serious field, but it’s also very enjoyable.

Diamond Cardwell:
We love the school, and that’s why we drive two hours from Indianapolis every day. Everyone at the campus is there for the students, and the instructors are great!

I decided to go to Hondros because I wanted to give back and make a change in the world. I believe nurses can make that change.

If you’re thinking about nursing school, put in the work and stay committed. Don’t give up! I had to let go of my fear of failing to reach my goals. I focus during class and believe in myself. You can too!

Sisters Aubrea McCarley and Diamond Cardwell are both in the Practical Nursing program at the Fairborn campus. They drive from Indianapolis for class every day.

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