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Debra Pitzer

I have been in the health care field for 33 years, but I never pursued my nursing career further than becoming an STNA. After my husband passed, I decided to get my LPN and hopefully work in hospice assisting those facing the end of their lives. 

My daughter-in-law was a faculty member at Hondros College of Nursing, and my niece attended classes at HCN. Both of them were impressed with the college and the program, so I decided to check it out.

The largest piece of advice I have for someone considering going back to school is that you are never too old to follow your dreams! As a 61-year-old mother and grandmother, I still enjoy learning. Make sure school is something you are ready to commit to; you must be devoted to learning. Make time to study uninterrupted, homework and studying has to be a priority.

I have always found health care to be a very rewarding field. Helping people physically and mentally has always been my goal.

Debra Pitzer is currently enrolled in the PN program at the Fairborn Campus.

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