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Dianna Janeiro

From a young age, I have enjoyed helping people. It made me happy to see people being taken care of and treated right. Nursing has always been what I wanted to do because it allows you to learn about each other’s differences and the best ways to care for people.

I lived overseas when I started researching nursing schools in Ohio. There were a lot of good options to choose from, but Hondros stood out to me. I loved the fact they did not require prerequisites to get into the Practical Nursing program. The 12-month program sealed the deal for me. There also was not a waitlist, so I could get started the next quarter.

Nursing school can be stressful and difficult, but if you can manage your time well, then you will reach your end goal. You cannot start out expecting it to be easy because that is simply unrealistic. You have to learn to communicate with your professors and fellow students. But it will be worth it.

Personally, I had to learn to fight my fears during each term as I was met with new obstacles both in and out of school. But I found a safe place with my professors, the campus staff and my friends where I could process and deal with my stress. By creating a support system in school, I was able to make it to my final term. You can too!

Dianna Janeiro is a student in the Practical Nursing program at the West Chester campus.

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