Success Stories


Elana Pete

All my life, there was no other career I imagined for myself. Nursing was always it. I knew I wanted to make a difference in others’ lives. I have been fortunate in my life, so I want to take care of others who may be less fortunate.

I moved from Florida about a year ago. I was eager to start nursing school back up as soon as possible. I heard about Hondros College of Nursing on the radio and how there are four starts per year. It seemed like fate, and I started school the next month.

If you have a passion for nursing and are willing to devote yourself to caring for people, just do it! Nursing school has made me disciplined, focused and determined. Throughout my time at Hondros, I worked as a server at a restaurant. But I balanced school and work so I could succeed.

My advice would be to not get discouraged! Your classmates will become your family if you let them. My classmates and I supported each other all the way to graduation!

Elana Pete is a graduate of the Practical Nursing program at the Westerville campus. She recently received the Nightingale Award for the PN program.

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