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Willis (Gene) Matthews

I always wanted to do something in the medical field; I just didn’t have the confidence to do it. When I turned 45, I decided it was now or never. So, I took a deep breath and decided to make my dream a reality.

I checked out a lot of nursing programs when I decided to go back to school. Hondros College of Nursing offered everything I wanted, when I wanted it.

From my perspective, time management is the single most important skill to be successful in nursing school. If you can’t manage your time, you will fall behind, and it is almost impossible to catch up.

If you’re considering nursing school, I encourage you to believe in yourself. If you are willing to put the effort into your studies, you can succeed. You are never too old to fulfill your dreams.

Willis (Gene) Matthews, Jr. is a student in the Practical Nursing Program at the Fairborn Campus.

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