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Gerald Smith

I have always had a passion for the health care field and even spent some time in nursing school when I was younger. I have a great respect for what the students here are doing. I felt joining the Hondros College of Nursing team was a great opportunity to contribute, in my own way, to help their education. 

I became interested in working in business development mainly because I am a people person. The key to business development is building meaningful relationship and never taking no for an answer! 

My objective is to build partnerships with organizations that are willing to work closely with us in accomplishing the goals of our students and college. Some things these partners offer include providing clinical sites, hiring our graduates and allowing us to market our programs to their employees. 

My advice to future nursing students would be to take advantage of the opportunities and personal fulfillment that a nursing career can provide. I have known nurses that own their own business, that have been promoted to executive leadership roles, worked with professional sports teams and have traveled the world doing health care missions. The opportunities are endless. 

The road is scary, daunting and demanding. But it’s worth it because you will forever be a nurse. Not everyone can do it, but the ones who can, and their hearts are into it, are undeniably special people.

Gerald Smith is the Business Development Manager at Hondros College of Nursing. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his 6 children and 2 grandchildren.

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