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Kipchumba Tanui

I began pursuing a career in nursing because I am the type of person who would like to care for others. I enjoy that feeling that comes with helping to heal others when they are sick. 

I have several friends who went to Hondros College of Nursing, and they had good things to say about the college and the programs. 

A career in nursing is not for someone who is only doing it for the money. It takes a unique skill to be a nurse, someone who wants to make a difference in the healthcare system. It will take a lot of work to be successful. I have to make sure I do all my homework and my readings to I understand the material. It is a state of constant reviewing and studying. Be prepared to work hard because nothing worthwhile comes easy.

Kipchumba Tanui is a student in the Practical Nursing program at the Westerville campus.

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