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Sierra Wells

I became a licensed practical nurse because of my love for caring for others. I also enjoyed the financial stability it provided. Once I obtained my LPN license, I realized just how skilled of a caregiver I was and decided to go a step further and become a registered nurse.

I decided to attend Hondros College of Nursing to earn my Associate Degree in Nursing because it was close to my home. They had flexible scheduling that allowed me to continue to work while I was in school. This is something that was very important to me because I was a single mother.

My advice to someone considering nursing school is don't quit! This can be a very challenging path. I faced financial trouble, property loss, health issues and health concerns with my children while I was in school. Nothing about the journey was easy, but I remained focused and never gave up. People say that nothing worth having will come easy. Because of all the hard work I put into school, I will always value my license that I worked so hard for.

When looking for a job as a new graduate, don’t just chase the highest salary. All money is not good money. Go with a job that will give you a solid foundation and allow you to grow. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t be afraid to apply to hospitals. They love new grads!

I truly believe that my time at HCN prepared me to be a strong nurse. It prepared me for the reality of nursing and not just the textbook version. Nothing at HCN was spoon fed to me. You have to want to learn and go above and beyond, and because of that, I am a better nurse and will be prepared for anything!

Sierra Wells is a graduate of the Associate Degree in Nursing program at the Independence campus.

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