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Sova Kadariya

Losing my brother 19 days after his birth is what made me want to become a nurse. That experience was one of those painful moments that will only hit you later in life when you are capable of understanding what it really means to lose someone you love. I was little back then but looking at my mother cry as she came out of the hospital was heartbreaking. So, knowing I lost my little brother due to lack of medication and other circumstances back home was what has motivated me to pursue nursing. That way, hopefully I can prevent another mother from experiencing the pain and suffering that comes with a lack of care. 

After I separated from an unhealthy relationship, my son and I moved to Columbus to be closer to my parents. I went to a local community college, but the wait list was too long. I began to search for other schools. I found out that Hondros College of Nursing has outstanding reviews. 

Nursing is a great career with a lot of opportunities. Making a difference in someone’s life is what makes my heart happy. In order to reach my goal, I had to put in a lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Learning to manage time while studying and working full time was hard to keep on track, but it has helped me get to where I am today. Remembering all the different circumstances that I had to endure has pushed me to be better. 

HCN is a great place to begin and finish your nursing career. There are many people waiting to help you accomplish your goals.

Sova Kadariya is a graduate of the Practical Nursing program and is currently enrolled in the Associate Degree in Nursing program at the Westerville Campus.

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