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Tanitia Rutledge

I have always had a fascination with health care. As a child, I dreamed of being an obstetrician. I am in the ADN program, and I have changed courses since my childhood dreams but remain in health care. What made me want to pursue nursing is when my son and I were in a very bad car accident. My son was hospitalized in Dayton Children’s for three months before being transferred to Cincinnati. During that time, he underwent multiple surgeries, procedures and therapies to get him back on track.

I was introduced to different healthcare disciplines from the conversations with neurologists, general surgeons, therapists and nurses. I quickly took note of what nurses truly cared and which ones were just trying to get through a shift. I remember sitting in my son's room and telling myself I wanted to be like the nurses who really cared. I wanted to make people feel like I was doing everything in my power to care for their loved ones. It only takes a split second to make someone feel comforted.

I decided to begin my nursing journey with Hondros College of Nursing after I had heard about their great reputation. I knew I wanted to become a nurse, but I didn’t want to spend eternity in school. The program length is what made HCN the best fit for me.

My advice to someone considering nursing school would be to grab the tissues. Nursing is not for the weak. If all you are looking for is money, then don’t do it. That type of attitude will carry over to your patients, and they deserve better. The best reward you can receive as a nurse is having the trust and appreciation from the patient and their families. I work and receive a paycheck, but what makes me feel so humbled to be helping these people is when I had a patient who was struggling with daily tasks. The patient cried on my shoulder out of appreciation because I stayed to help so they could take a longer shower. That is what makes all the hard work and money spent on education worth it.

Not everything in life will happen on your timeline. If you run upon an obstacle, it doesn’t mean give up. Those are the moments where you need to push even harder forward. I have had many obstacles in my life, but I have never given up and I won’t until I get to the finish line. Anything in life is obtainable with strong will and encouragement.

I love being a nurse, and I encourage everyone to keep pushing, even when you don’t think you will make it. You can and will be successful in life if you believe. Get a group together, and surround yourself with people who will help and encourage you when you need it. These are the people who will understand why you are pulling your hair out, staying up all night, waking up early for clinicals, eating whatever you can when you can and listening to gospel songs on repeat trying to get the polynomials and slopes out of your head after algebra! Your cohorts understand because they have gone through it too; you help each other. Good luck and remember that you can do anything you set your mind to!

Tanitia Rutledge is a student in the Associate Degree in Nursing program at the Fairborn campus.

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