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Zach Beach

Nursing has always been something that I wanted to pursue. It is such a rewarding career, and I have always been drawn to the behavioral and mental health aspects of nursing. 

I decided to attend Hondros College of Nursing because I needed a program that could fit into my schedule, and HCN had evening classes available. 

My advice for those in nursing school would be to find a proper balance of your time. There will need to be a balance between school work and personal time. It is too easy to start burning yourself out with over studying if you are not giving yourself a balanced life. Reading the weekly assignments multiple times always helped me. There is always something you can gain from rereading material. 

I had to make sure I set reasonable goals of studying so not to overload myself with information in one sitting. This allowed me to keep refreshing what I had previously studied. Another thing that helped me was not to procrastinate. I tried to begin my readings and preparing for exams as soon as the material was available. The key thing that has helped me was remaining positive. If I did poorly on a test or assignment, it would just push me to understand what I did wrong and learn from those failures. Accepting my own failures and working to do better improved how I would study for the next test.

Zach Beach is a student in the Practical Nursing program at the Westerville campus.

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