Financial Aid Process

Eligible students can receive financial aid through Federal Title IV programs, as well as from various state and private resources. The steps below details the financial aid process. 

1. Apply for admission in a diploma or degree-seeking program at Hondros College of Nursing.

Attend an Information Session to begin the application process, or call 1-855-90-NURSE to speak to an Admissions Representative today.

2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Filling out your FAFSA is free of charge and requires 20-30 minutes to complete online at To complete the FAFSA you will need to have your 2014 federal tax return available, as well as your FSA ID. The FSA ID can be obtained through the following website Hondros College of Nursing strongly recommends using the Data Retrieval service to import your tax information, as well as parent tax information if needed, directly to the FAFSA application. This will reduce errors, and will also make the verification process go smoother if you are selected.

The FAFSA needs to be completed every year to determine if you will be eligible for financial aid. Since Hondros College of Nursing students start at different times each year there is not a priority deadline; however those students enrolled at the beginning of the year are asked to fill it out by March 1st. This will help the financial aid team have time to add awards and complete verification.

To make sure your FAFSA reaches Hondros College, make sure you list our school code (040743) on your FAFSA. In addition, you will want to verify you have answered each question accurately, resolving any discrepancies as they occur. Be sure to use the correct name and number listed on your social security card, as well as your correct birth date. This will help prevent a delay in processing your FAFSA.

Make sure to use your FSA ID to sign your FAFSA prior to clicking the submit button, forgetting the step could cause a delay in your financial aid being processed. If you have questions, or issues while filing your FAFSA online, please call (800) 433-3243 to reach the helpdesk, they will ask for your confirmation number. After your FAFSA is filed an electronic version will be sent to Hondros College of Nursing as long as our school code was listed. Allow 3-5 days for processing.

3. Receive and review the electronic Student Aid Report (SAR).

Make corrections to your FAFSA, if necessary, at

4. Award information.

Students can access awards through the CAMS Student Portal. Awards will be available for review, and can be accepted or declined right through the portal. Students will also participate in an overview where preliminary awards are explained to students.

5. Complete the verification process.

If you are chosen for verification, you will be required to complete the appropriate verification worksheet. Many students may be required to either provide a tax transcript from the IRS, or return to the FAFSA on the web to use the Data Retrieval option.