Twin Sisters Chase Dreams by Attending HCN Together


DAYTON, Ohio – It is said that twins have a special connection on many levels so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that sisters Courtney Grimm and Whitney Mettler came to the same career conclusion – that it was time for a change and that nursing was the answer. 

The twins are pursuing their associate degrees to become registered nurses at Hondros College of Nursing’s Fairborn, Ohio campus in the Dayton area.  It wasn’t a tough decision as both are LPNs and wanted to advance their careers through education and earning their RN licenses. 

Both women came to nursing naturally, they say, as they were surrounded by medical professionals throughout their lives.

“Growing up in our family, we were surrounded by those in the medical field,” says Grimm. “Our aunt was a nurse, our uncle a doctor. My mom is a nurse and our stepfather is an EMT/firefighter. Also, our stepsister is also in nursing school for her RN as well.

Both students agree that the hands-on training received at Hondros College of Nursing is the most important aspect preparing them best to advance in their nursing careers. 

“The hands-on training and clinical education are by far the best way to prepare for your career in the field,” Mettler said.  “They say you won’t truly learn something until you do it hands-on.” 

But the bottom line is that the twins are going through this program together, changing their lives through education at Hondros College of Nursing. 

“People think going to school with a sibling is tough,” says Grimm. “It can be tough sometimes, when you both are competitive with grades but at the same time you want each other to do well so one doesn’t get left behind. I feel like we are slightly tougher on each other than we are with our friends just because we push each other to make sure we get to the finish line together.”

Mettler adds, “I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Having my sister by my side not only for high school, LPN and now RN, I couldn’t do it without her support. The best part is always having someone you can count on. What we set our minds to, we will succeed together.”