Dear Hondros College of Nursing Family,

Recent tragic events have taken place in our country – and even in our backyard—that have been difficult to process. As part of the nursing community, we have an opportunity to make a positive difference toward healing and unity.

The events occurring in our country are strong reminders that there is much more work to do to eradicate and dismantle systemic racism in the United States. The outcome of the trial for George Floyd’s murder will not bring solace to our country; however, we must acknowledge any steps forward, however small, and continue to move toward healing, reconciliation, and recovery.

Each of us is challenged personally at this moment to examine our own attitudes, actions, and words. That is no less true of our learning institutions. Higher education, specifically healthcare, is part of the greater ecosystem that has to take a hard look at inclusion, fairness, and equality in how people are treated.

As a college, we are actively seeking ways to help address social justice. We are gathering input from our key constituents and resources who have experience, perspective, and expertise in these areas, reviewing our curriculum to identify more ways to promote inclusion, and developing resources for people dealing with the trauma of injustice.

Nursing demands kindness and understanding toward one another as you work together, and care for those in need, often in uncomfortable and challenging situations. Thank you for all that you do every day to set an example of what it means to support one another with compassion and understanding.


Harry Wilkins
Chief Executive Officer
Hondros College of Nursing


Additionally, here are some resources to help you through this difficult time.

Racial Justice:

Improving Mental Health:

This year has tested us, but together, we will emerge stronger and better.


Message from angela selden, apei president

Dear Members of the APEI Family,

I am writing on behalf of the leadership teams at APEI, APUS and Hondros. Last June, after the tragic killing of George Floyd, we shared a statement reiterating that we stand against all acts of discrimination and racism. We remain committed to this statement and are encouraged by the social justice momentum that we have seen over the past months.

This week we saw some measure of justice for George Floyd’s family. And, while we are heartened that the men and women of the jury found Derek Chauvin guilty of murder, our society still suffers from systemic problems and the continuing effects of racism. We know that one person being held accountable for his abuse of power does not alleviate the pain felt by the many who suffer from racial injustice.

There is much more work to be done to ensure we live in a society that equally values all people. This verdict is one small step toward needed change. We are committed to being part of the solution and to the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice.


Angela Selden
President and Chief Executive Officer
American Public Education, Inc.