Abralyn Lawson

From my earliest memory, I have had a passion for women’s health and even more specifically, obstetrics. Having given birth three times myself and attending two others, I cannot think of anything more miraculous and beautiful. I want to be a part of a woman’s journey, and nursing is where I plan to do that.

Restarting college and a new career path at my age (I will be 50 soon), I wanted an intense but efficient course of study. Hondros College of Nursing’s direct entry option offered me the best chance for success.

I have started and stopped the process of attending nursing school three times previously because of health issues and raising my family. The timing seemed to be off, but my dream and passion never subsided. If you are thinking about nursing school, hang onto your dreams and goals because when the time is right, it will happen for you.

I have had an enormous amount of health issues in the past and without the support of some magnificent nurses over the years, my long term outlook would have been different. I am in a new space in my life. My children are grown and my husband’s career is thriving. I feel very blessed to be able to live out my calling, and truly start giving back. My prayer is that I’ll be that nurse that makes a real difference in peoples’ lives.