Heather Collinsworth
I first started into nursing a few years ago. However, life takes you in all different directions. My mom became very sick. I took care of her until the day she passed away. It was so hard.
After a few short months, my dad became ill as well. I also took care of him. And before he passed, he made me promise to make time for myself and pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. So, after being laid off from my job, I decided to keep that promise to my dad and to myself to become a nurse.
I quickly enrolled at Hondros College of Nursing. I decided on Hondros mainly because it offered an accelerated Practical Nursing program. I also liked the location. Since I started classes, I have remained determined, disciplined, and organized. Nursing school is a lot of work, so you have to make sure you are dedicated.
Nursing takes a special person. You have to be in it for the right reasons. If you remain humble, manage your time well, and stay focused on your goals, you can do this. Don’t give up!