Jennette Barrow

I have always been drawn to the medical field. I previously went to school for medical billing and coding and then started into medical assisting. One thing led to another. I worked as a telemetry tech and patient sitter and realized how much I enjoyed taking care of patients. I wanted to expand that.

I have had my fair share of medical experiences in the past, but thankfully, I have had some amazing nurses that inspired me to become one myself. All the nurses I have come across in my life have had hearts of gold. They showed me that I could become a nurse if I put my mind to it.

Back in 2016, my father passed away in hospice care. The nurses and everyone my mother and I worked with were so compassionate and kind. I knew right then and there that eventually I wanted to be that person for someone else.

I decided to enroll at Hondros College of Nursing because I knew a few people that attended. I emailed an admissions rep, and almost instantly, I got a response. I came the same day to meet with my rep and tour the campus. I was able to register so quickly. Everyone at the front desk was so helpful.

I really liked the fact that I did not have to take a bunch of basic general education classes. I am an older student, so I wanted to only take the classes I needed to in order to get my nursing degree. I just graduated the Practical Nursing program, and now I am in the Associate Degree in Nursing program.

Once you start nursing school, I strongly suggest forming a study group! Find people that you can work with. Nursing school was a little overwhelming for me at first. But, I made some great friends that helped me through it all. They pushed me to persevere through graduation.

Another bit of advice I would like to share is to seek out the tutors on campus, and do not be afraid to ask instructors for help. Always review each and every quiz and exam. Try to attend all tutoring sessions offered by the professors if your schedule allows it. It is so helpful. Also, never stop trying. Even if you fail, you will learn from it.

I had to stay determined throughout the program. My two teenagers kept me motivated too. I wanted to set an example for them to never give up on your dreams. Sometimes, just having a good spirit about all the things happening to you helps you succeed.

If you have any thoughts about becoming a nurse, do not hesitate. I truly believe everyone on campus has helped me one way or another to become a better version of myself. There are so many tools at Hondros to help you reach your dream. Just go for it!