Mallory Powell

I knew I wanted to pursue nursing after watching my dad collapse after a softball game as we were leaving. When he collapsed, there were two trauma nurses that were right behind him. They stayed calm and started CPR immediately. He was rushed to a small trauma hospital in Waverly, Ohio before being life-flighted to a larger hospital’s intensive care unit.

While my dad was in the ICU, I became close to the nurses who were helping him. The entire experience sparked my interest in becoming a nurse. Now, my father is in great health! He had a virus that attacked his heart, and it shut down his whole body. To this day, we are still in touch with the nurses that took care of him, and it proves that being a nurse is more than just a job. Being a nurse is a lifestyle and a commitment.

I began my journey through nursing school at another college where I also played softball, but I was not able to complete the curriculum because I had a very busy schedule. I was frustrated I could not complete my program. I saw my classmates graduate and continue on to work at great places as nurses, and this motivated me to finish my degree!

I saw an ad for Hondros College of Nursing and immediately called and made an appointment to speak to an advisor. I wanted to go somewhere that had a flexible program that I could start without waiting for entrance exams and start dates. I am so glad that I chose Hondros because I have made lifelong friends that share my passion for nursing. I know that soon I can go out into the real world and help people!

If you are thinking about going to nursing school, be ready to work hard; and make time for yourself when possible. I was fortunate enough to discover a study group that also became my support group. We rely on each other during the hard times, and it makes a huge difference.