Mercedes Danforth

I always wanted to be a nurse to help people. I started college and found out I did not like blood, so I decided against becoming a nurse. I came home and took care of my great-grandma while she was sick. I was told several times that my great-grandma was happy with the care I had given her and should consider being a nurse.

I started school in a practical nursing program and loved it. I loved helping babies and being an advocate for patients. I knew I wanted to go back to school to become a registered nurse so I could work in a hospital setting.

I chose Hondros to pursue my Associate Degree in Nursing because it was an accessible and flexible program. I did not have to spend my time taking additional classes that programs at other schools required. Already being an LPN, I knew I wanted to advance my career and work as an RN as soon as possible. Hondros was the best option for me to do that. 

If you are thinking about nursing school, you should go for it! It is hard work, and you will need to study so you can learn and understand the material. The hard work will be worth it.