Priscilla Bishop
I first started pursuing nursing many years ago after I finished high school. However, life happened, and a few obstacles came up that prevented me from finishing school. My education became last on my list. After 13 years of a career in logistics, I decided it was my time to become a nurse.
I always had the dream of finishing school and working as a nurse. I knew it was my true passion. So, I decided to follow my heart and put my goals at the top of my list. I looked up nursing schools in my area, and Hondros College of Nursing was the perfect choice for me.
I saw that you could attend the Practical Nursing program and go on to get your Associate Degree in Nursing after that. Other schools I looked at did not give you that option. This was one of the reasons I chose Hondros. To be able to obtain one certification and continue to the next level was a huge advantage in my eyes. I have never met such caring and supportive individuals. And it did not stop after day one. The support was throughout the entire Practical Nursing program. It was a true blessing! 
The compassion I have for others, my caring personality, and the desire to help those in need are some of the reasons I chose to get into the field. My brother, Brett, has always been an inspiration for me. He is a physician assistant. I can see the differences he makes in people’s lives, and I aspire to do the same! He told me that the hardest part is just getting started and the rest will fall into place. Those words could not be truer as I look back on the last year.
My advice for someone who is thinking about starting nursing school is to just get started! It is a huge commitment and requires dedication, but you can do it. If you stay organized and come prepared for class, you can succeed. I put in many hours of studying and made school my top priority. Thankfully, Hondros offered student tutors to help. The instructors are always willing to help you succeed too.
Never give up – chase your dreams until they come true! Have faith and believe in your abilities. Nothing is impossible! And it is never too late. I started my journey back to nursing school a little later than I hoped for, but I am proof that it is never too late to start. You can do this!
“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about!” – Winston Churchill.