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Success Stories

Esther Olu Adebayo

One of the reasons why I got into nursing was because my daughter has Sickle Cell Disease. I wanted to learn how to take care of her properly, and I also wanted to learn more about the disease. I’m currently in the Practical Nursing program and really liking it.

I decided on Hondros College of Nursing after doing some research about schools in central Ohio. It was the first nursing school I saw when I searched for schools online. I looked at other schools and read all the reviews, and Hondros stood out.

Nursing school is no easy task. I study like I have never studied before, and sometimes it pays off. Other times, you just have to work a little harder to get there. But it is worth having a career in nursing. Hondros is a great school, and the program has been very satisfying.

My advice is to not quit in the middle of the race. If you work hard enough, it will pay off in the end. Success chases you if you work hard.