Student Catalog

The candidate for program completion must:

  1. Have successfully completed all program requirements with a minimum of “C” (2.0 GPA) or better in all courses.

  2. Achieved the minimum number of credit hours required for the program of enrollment.

Graduation Requirements

The candidate for graduation must:

  1. Meet all program completion requirements.
  2. Pay applicable graduation fee(s).
  3. Be free of indebtedness to the College.

Candidates that meet program completion requirements, but have not met all other graduation requirements, listed above will be placed in completer status. Once all graduation requirements have been fulfilled, the candidate will be moved to graduate status. Only students in graduate status will have their completion letters released.

Commencement/Pinning Ceremonies

Commencement ceremonies are held throughout the year. Students assume the ultimate responsibility for meeting all graduation requirements. Failure to meet the graduation requirements may result in a student being deemed ineligible to attend the commencement and pinning ceremonies.