The College utilizes intuitive course prefixes, typically abbreviations or truncations of the actual course subject name, for all credit courses (i.e., Psychology is noted as PSY). It continues to follow the numbering system noted below. The college does not offer remedial courses.

 Course Codes Course Subject Legend
 BIO Biology C  Offered in the classroom
 COM Communications

 O  Offered online - Traditional Online Course

 ENG English ✝   Science Course
 NUR Nursing  General Education Course
 PSY Psychology  Nursing Course
 MTH Mathematics 




Traditionally offered online courses are delivered through the Sakai or MyClassroom learning management system, and emphasize interaction between students and their faculty, their peers, and the course content. Students participating in a virtual online lecture viewing option are not considered as enrolled in a traditionally offered online course. In their online courses, students will: Engage with course content, as presented in slideshows, readings, and other media; Interact with other students via discussion forums, peer reviews, and group activities; Review instructor feedback on papers, projects, and other assignments; Take tests and quizzes through the online classroom; Communicate with the instructor using a variety of tools, including email, the Sakai Messages functionality, a course chat room, and/or a synchronous virtual classroom.

While courses in the PN and ADN programs are primarily offered on campus or at a clinical location, select courses are only offered online. All students receive information about how to access and use the online classroom as part of an orientation experience. Online courses are provided by the main campus of Hondros College of Nursing, located in Westerville, Ohio (Host Institution), to the five branch campuses of Hondros College of Nursing located in Ohio (Independence, Fairborn, West Chester, Maumee, and Akron) and one branch campus in Indiana (Indianapolis). Students enrolled in an online course delivered by the Host Institution must adhere to the Single Course Drop Policy and the Withdrawal Policy in the Hondros College of Nursing Student Catalog for the program in which they are enrolled. The time that a student should expect to devote to the mastery of course learning objectives does not vary with the instructional delivery method. The above applies to courses that are traditionally offered online. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, traditionally on-ground lecture courses may have a virtual online lecture viewing option. Additionally, traditional off-site clinicals and campus labs may have a virtual alternative.