Student Catalog

The College aids alumni in finding employment by assisting with resume preparation, helping with development of interviewing skills, and identifying appropriate job leads. Through career development, including professionalism, motivation, and the maintenance of ethical standards, students and alumni are empowered with the skills necessary to foster a successful and ongoing career.

Obtaining employment is ultimately the responsibility of the alumni. Alumni are highly encouraged to pursue their own independent employment opportunities. Recent alumni who have yet to obtain employment in their field of study should contact the College about available job openings in their community.

Pursuant to accreditation requirements, the College will confirm employment of alumni by contacting both the employer and alumni. The College cannot guarantee employment or salary.

Career Events

Hondros College of Nursing seeks to assist students and alumni in making informed career decisions and partner with employers to maximize recruiting results. To accomplish these goals, the College offers quarterly career events which may include Community Partner Week, career fairs, on-campus recruiting, and virtual recruiting. These events are offered to the Hondros College of Nursing students/alumni and provide a variety of networking opportunities. 

Online Job Board

Career partners have the ability to post jobs directly through the Hondros College of Nursing website. These job postings appear in the Student Portal for all students. In addition, continued access to current job postings will be available for alumni via the Student Portal. Therefore, students will have ongoing access to current positions with our career partners.