1. What made you decide to pursue nursing as a career?

I chose nursing after I became a teenage mother and my son with diagnosed with asthma.  I had no idea how bad asthma could get until my son had multiple episodes of asthma attacks and I didn’t know exactly what to do.

2. What made you decide to attend Hondros College of Nursing?

An old friend suggested Hondros in 2018 for the LPN program.  So we came and toured the school and I was convinced this was the school for me.  I finished the LPN program in 2018 and returned for the ADN program in July 2020 when I finished the program in September 2021.

3. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting nursing school? 
What can you do while in school for maximum success after graduation?

My advice to any future nurse, never give up!  If its for you then buckle down and do what is necessary to obtain the goal!  Find and utilize all the resources the school offers.  While in school stay ahead!  Always have an idea what’s being covered before class.  Read everything!

4. What were the behaviors you had to exhibit in order to reach your goal?

I had to miss functions and work to pay tuition, study, and be a mom!  The road is challenging but the credentials are worth it.

5. Where are you currently working? Tell us about your career journey and all the great things about where you work and what you do!

I am currently an Emergency Room Nurse in a Level 1 Trauma ER in Detroit!  I am currently still in my orientation period!  But so far I caught a missed pneumothorax and massive heart attack.  I do serious PT educating in the ER so my patients understand that I care about them and their health.  I see gunshots, overdoses, pediatrics, etc.  My job is very rewarding.

6. What do you look for in new nurses (behavior, attitude, skills, etc.)

In new nurses I look for drive, ambition, and personality!  They should be ready to learn something new everyday.

7. Can you share any interview questions that you regularly ask?

My interview questions were based on focused assessment scenarios.

8. Did/have you receive any awards while you were at Hondros College? 

I won the Nightingale Award for both LPN (2019) and ADN (2021).