The College strives to ensure that each student has excellent clinical learning experiences. This is a challenging goal in today’s competitive health care arena, in which clinical facilities are being asked to meet the needs of learners from a growing number of educational programs. Therefore, clinical times and locations may change from quarter to quarter.

Clinical assignments are to be treated as employment; professional, responsible behavior is mandatory. Failure to comply with professional standards or the Student Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Students must remain flexible and be prepared for clinical placement in a variety of settings and at a variety of times.

The College reserves the right to adjust clinical schedules to ensure seamless programming and accommodation of the clinical facilities and the nursing programs.

Students Will Need To:

  1. Have transportation.
  2. Arrange child care, as applicable, including coverage for days, evenings and/or possible weekends.
  3. Plan to travel up to 90 minutes one way to a clinical facility from the campus.
  4. Arrive at the facility at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the clinical day.

Clinical Requirements and Vaccination Policy

The following items are required to be submitted and approved by the end of week 4 for ADN students attending NUR 205, and PN students attending NUR 160. Continuing students are required to meet clinical eligibility by the quarter begin date (refer to the academic calendar) for each term in which they are registered for a course with a clinical component.

  • Background check (reviewed and approved)
  • CPR certification: American Heart Association, BLS provider only
  • Complete Clinical Eligibility Packet, including records of current, up-to-date immunizations, seasonal flu vaccine, and annual TB testing (According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] guidelines)

Prior to January 2020, Castle Branch was used for submission of health documentation. Starting January 2020, new students will use Viewpoint to submit health documentation. Re-entering students may be required to switch to Viewpoint, depending on their re-entry point in the program.

Additional requirements may vary according to a clinical agency agreement. Failure to be compliant by the quarter begin date (refer to the academic calendar) will result in the student being ineligible to attend clinical, which will result in a failing grade in the course.

Performance of Nursing Clinical Skills in a Clinical Setting Policy

In general, skills performed by a student must be checked off in an on-campus lab prior to performing the skill in clinical. Students are not permitted to do any invasive procedures or administer medications without an instructor present. An invasive procedure is defined as entering the skin or body cavity.

  1. All skills performed by a student must follow the policy and procedures of the facility and qualify as accepted safe practice.
  2. No student is legally permitted to perform IV push medications.
  3. Students scheduled for observation are not permitted to perform any procedures or administer medications.
  4. Failure to comply with these policies will result, at a minimum, in a critical incident and failure in the course.