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Julie Overholt
Andrea Rimer
Dawn Apparicio
Karen Goldhardt
Amanda Croswell-Polacek
Cliff Williams


How could a career in nursing impact your life?

We can help write your story.

Our faculty member, Julie, has an inspiring nursing story. She has been a nurse for 23 years and she holds a master’s degree. But at one time, Julie was struggling to provide for her young children. Through hard work and determination, she pursued a stable and rewarding career in nursing. Today, she’s educating the next generation at Hondros College of Nursing.

At Hondros College of Nursing, our approach to nursing education is smart, focused, and direct. You could become a Licensed Practical Nurse in as few as 12 months, or a Registered Nurse in as few as 15 months with an active LPN license or qualifying previous college experience.

Are you ready to write your nursing story? Classes begin January 4.



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When I would see students come into the hospital, I would get excited to teach and interact with them. Their excitement to learn made me want to learn.

- Julie Overholt

As I was working with patients, I realized the importance of patient education. A lot of times a person is not compliant because they don’t understand.

- Andrea Rimer

My dad was a lab technician and worked at a small community hospital. I was always fascinated by the hospital, so as a little girl, I was determined to become a nurse.

- Dawn Apparicio

When I was considering professions after high school, nursing came to mind right away. Taking care of people is one of my true passions.

- Karen Goldhardt

I've always been interested in the study of humans and how we interact with each other. I've tried to determine what could I do to improve the human experience at the bedside.

- Amanda Crosswell-Polacek

I was in engineering and my friend was an RN who was dying of cancer. She asked me, ‘Do you want to work with people or robots for the rest of your life?’ It really hit me. It wasn't long after that I when back to school and started my RN program.

- Cliff Williams