Alice Woodruff

HCN Success Stories

As a nursing instructor, I find fulfillment in shaping the next generation of nurses. Witnessing the dedication and compassion of my students reaffirms my love for this profession. Every lesson taught is a step towards creating a brighter future in healthcare. I am proud to be a part of molding tomorrow's nurses. 

The art of nursing encompasses compassion, critical thinking, and skilled care, all aimed at improving the well-being of patients. Becoming an educator allows me to pass on my knowledge and passion for nursing to the next generation, shaping future caregivers who will continue to make a positive impact in healthcare. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the incredible community here at Hondros. The passion for education and the commitment to excellence here is truly inspiring. It's not just a workplace, it's a family where support and collaboration thrive. I am honored to work alongside such dedicated individuals who share the same vision of empowering future healthcare professionals. 

Alice Woodruff is one of the Faculty at the Akron campus.