Amanda Gatz

HCN Success Stories

I am a little late in the game, but I have always wanted to be a nurse. I enjoy caring for and comforting others. As a mother of four, I feel like I am always "nursing". I have experience in working with MRDD and home health care. I have truly enjoyed every aspect of working with others. Becoming a nurse has been a long-time goal of mine, but I would always procrastinate and say "maybe next year" or "when life calms down a bit". I finally realized that life waits for no one, and there is no time like the present.


My enrollment advisor was incredibly helpful when I decided to attend Hondros College of Nursing. When she called me back she was so kind and helpful while making me feel confident in my ability to achieve my goals. She made the whole process of signing up and submitting everything easy and smooth.


To those considering nursing, know that it is a full-time commitment. This career path will require sacrifices and dedication. Be sure to reach out for help if you need it. Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself.


Amanda Gatz is a student in the Associate Degree in Nursing Program at our Akron campus.