Angi Foster

HCN Success Stories
Angi Foster, PN Student

I had run from my true calling long enough. Almost 40 years ago, I wanted to pursue nursing but chose another career path. I was terrified of all the math I would certainly have to perform in nursing. Additionally, there were family obligations I had to oversee. In retrospect, fear gripped me. It was a different time for me, both personally and professionally. However, as the years went by, I would find myself stating in random conversations, "If I were better at math, I would have been a nurse." I finally decided that I didn't want to be further along in life still repeating that statement. By nature, I am a giver. The Bible declares: "Your gift will make room for you" (Proverbs 18:16). Therefore, I had to step out on faith and trust God. Now, here I am, let's just say, on the other side of 50, allowing my dream to pursue me.

I retired after 30 years working in local government. A year and a half later, I began working at a nursing home as a receptionist. I got to know the staff and patients, and they got to know me. I loved it! I saw firsthand the inner workings of a busy nursing and rehab center daily. Unfortunately, it was during that time that my beloved father was diagnosed with colon cancer. After the shocking news, I immediately got to work and walked through the journey with him: chemo, radiation, surgery, and the role of primary caregiver. Sadly, my father passed away, but he did so as he requested, to be at home with me. It gave us both a sense of peace. Shortly thereafter, the pandemic came in like a flood, and I saw the urgent need for more nurses, so I answered the call.

I had to learn to shift around things in my busy life to accommodate nursing school. Nursing school is "off the charts" (no pun intended). We are advised of the word "Delegate" in nursing school. I had to delegate some things to others, such as my church ministries for the time being. I pray every day, and even more on exam days! One of my sisters gave me a tote bag for Christmas that reads: "I can't. I'm in Nursing School," which sums it up.

It is funny. The very thing that I was terrified of in the past, math, would end up being a strength as I received a 100% score on my math final! It was a personal award for me.

Do not delay. Start the process now and expect to succeed. Stay focused. Maintain a positive attitude. Nursing school is challenging. It will require a lot from you, but you are stronger than you think. Make a personal commitment to yourself that you will not give up. There will be distractions along the way (you can count on them), but don't be discouraged, keep going! 

Angi Foster is a student in the Practical Nursing Program at our Dayton-area campus.