Antha Williams

HCN Success Stories

My great mother was a midwife and elixir nurse in her days. She would tell me stories about how she would care for people when they were sick. The stories she shared with me were amazing. I remember her telling me, “You are blessed with healing hands, use them to help those that need them”. Coming up in the south as a kid, I would carry around bandages and Hydrogen Peroxide to quickly clean a scrape or cut. I felt I wasn't complete until I received a degree in nursing.

I chose Hondros College of Nursing because a friend of mine started attending Hondros and told me about it. I trusted her decision because she had been searching for a nursing program as well.

To those thinking about pursuing a degree in nursing, do not enter unless you are fully committed. What can you do while in school for maximum success after graduation? I would tell them not to expect nursing school to be an easy task. Stay focused, study, take time out to do something for yourself, and make sure to use all the resources available during and after graduation to succeed.