Eric Henthorn

HCN Success Stories


Hello! I am Professor Henthorn, PH for short.

While the goal of Hondros College of Nursing is to train new nurses, our mission is about changing lives. That is the reason I teach.

I am the anatomy and physiology instructor for the LPN program at the Akron campus. My education is in biological anthropology, which is the study of human evolution and human variation. This education prepared me to understand why we are the way we are. This allows me to explain the human body to nursing students in way that makes sense to them. It is a purposeful explanation of all the biological systems, what each system does, why each system works the way it does, how each system works with other systems, and what happens when the systems fail. This is critical information for students who will, at some point, stand between the patient and death.

This is life changing for both the nurse and those whom the nurse cares for.

At Hondros, I am part of a group of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who have experience in a range of nursing specialties; critical care, pediatrics, mental health, emergency medicine, medical surgery, and public health, to name a few. That experience has fostered a desire amongst all our professors and clinical coordinators to train the next generation of nurses. We want our students to be prepared, to be thorough, and to be the best.

I have the best job in the world.

Eric Henthorn is one of the Faculty at the Akron campus.