Fred Pringle

HCN Success Stories

As an Academic Support Advisor, I see my role as just that; someone who is there to help support students in achieving their goals. I like to think of my job as that of a success coach. To do that properly, I work with the students to see what is required to help them succeed. Once I get that information, I passionately do whatever I can to help them, sometimes even taking some unconventional paths.

All of our students have many goals, the most common of which is to become a nurse. I see my responsibility as trying to ensure that our students have a good chance to achieve that goal. I work with them as they work their way through the Practical Nursing Program. I sometimes act as a liaison with other members of faculty and staff, other times as a resource for materials that can help them improve their chances of success, and sometimes as a motivating force. Other times, I'm simply a sounding board to help them sort through issues that may pop up and that can hinder their chances of making it through Hondros.

It greatly helps that I am part of a great team in Independence. It is much easier to do your job when you're supported throughout the building. We all have a vested interest in helping our students be the best that they can be.

Fred Pringle is an Academic Support Advisor at HCN's Akron and Cleveland/Independence campuses.