Joe Buccier

HCN Success Stories

Hello, my name is Joe Buccier and I am the Academic Support Advisor at our Akron campus.  My wife, mom, brother, and other family members are all nurses, so the nursing profession is near and dear to my heart.  I am glad to assist in the preparation of nurses here at Hondros through my own background.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Hondros and helping students achieve their goals. I find it incredibly fulfilling to work with dedicated and motivated colleagues, towards the common goal of student success. 

As an Academic Support Advisor, I connect students with the many resources that Hondros offers.  I get a lot of satisfaction watching students prepare for an essential profession that has a major impact on society.  In addition, by facilitating our college 099 course in Akron, I try to help students formulate a plan for success from the very start of their journey.  I also like to regularly emphasize the following to our Akron students: nursing school is hard, ask for help, use your resources, and your success is my success.

Joe Buccier is an Academic Support Advisor at the Akron campus.