Katie Adkins

HCN Success Stories

This is the second time I have worked for Hondros.  I taught in the LPN program several years ago and then took some time to return to bedside nursing.  It was wonderful to “come home” to my Hondros family.  The faculty and staff at Hondros truly care about the success of each student and it is apparent in the classroom and beyond. 

I love sharing my passion for obstetrics and pediatrics with my students. This area of nursing is a specialty that uses it own language and skills, which can be overwhelming for students.  I find it extremely fulfilling to see students embrace the content and excel in this wonderful realm of the nursing world. 

My favorite part of teaching is probably hearing back from graduates and seeing how well they are doing in their nursing careers, especially those who are working in the same field as my area of expertise. I still get goosebumps at graduation when I give a nursing pin to a new grad knowing that they are joining a fabulous “club” of professionals called nurses.  We truly are the better way to be a nurse.

Katie Adkins is one of the Faculty at the Dayton campus.