Linda Barksdale

HCN Success Stories

Since I was a kid, I remember wanting to help make people smile but I didn’t want to be a comedian. I wanted to do something that would affect people's lives differently. I wanted to help those who were afraid of seeking care. I have the empathy and compassion needed for nursing and I want to share these qualities with my patients.


I had been considering nursing school for years but none of them worked for me. Either they were too far or the price was too high. Then I found Hondros College of Nursing. It wasn't far and the price was not bad either. The admissions team at the Bingham Farms location was very helpful too. Hondros has exceeded my expectations and I'm happy I decided to go with this school.


If there is anyone considering nursing school, I would tell them to pursue it. Remaining consistent and focused is key, but you can do it! Be sure to have a support system, especially if you have children. Whatever you do, don’t give up because you can do this!


Linda Barksdale is a student in the Practical Nursing Program at our Bingham Farms campus.