Michelle Steffy

HCN Success Stories

My favorite part of teaching at Hondros is interacting with the students and knowing that I am helping to shape the next generation of nursing. There is a saying, “Nurses eat their young.” I have never understood the concept. I believe that nurses at every level should seek to mentor and build up new nurses, not tear them down.

As the ADON of the PN program at the West Chester campus, I have an opportunity to get to know get to know students as they enter the program, and throughout their journey. Then I see them in the classroom at the end of the program. I love seeing how far they have come in that year, and the confidence they have gained, as they prepare to enter the world as LPNs.

This is a difficult, fast-paced program. We are preparing nurses for the demands of the ever-changing healthcare field. I take pride in knowing I am part of the process here at Hondros, not just in the classroom, but as a support person for our students and faculty. Hondros is someplace I plan to be for a while, and I can’t wait to see what we do next at the West Chester campus.

Michelle Steffy is the Assistant Director of Nursing at the West Chester campus. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, and travel. She is even planning a trip to Europe in the fall.