Michelle Stewart

HCN Success Stories
Michelle Stewart

I can remember being a young teenager and wanting to be a nurse. As I got a little older, I worked in a few pharmacies and that desire shifted to wanting to be a pharmacist. However, I do not care for chemistry that much. In 2000, I attended a CNA class and loved it; I knew this was where I belonged. In 2002, I started school at another college, made it through the program yet failed one of my classes at the end. Just barely, but I was still devastated!

One year later I thought I will try nursing school one last time, so I enrolled in Hondros College of Nursing’s Indianapolis campus. I was terrified and one of the two oldest in the class, but I did not let it stop me. I was determined to make it through this time, no matter what! Three weeks into school, my brother died by suicide. I honestly wanted to give up. To say I am heartbroken and devastated is an understatement. However, instead of throwing in the towel, I used it to drive me further. He became my reason why instead of my excuse to quit.

I had heard about Hondros College of Nursing from a few different people and decided to call and see what I needed to do to get in, how the program was designed, what the program’s length was, and how what the instructors were like. I discovered friendly instructors and that the program’s timeline was 12 months, which fit into my schedule.

To those considering nursing school, keep your focus and do not let anything stop you. Nursing school is tough, and things might happen that deter you; do not let it! If you want it bad enough then be sure to keep your focus and determination!

Michelle Stewart is a graduate of the Practical Nursing Program at our Indianapolis campus. She is currently working at an assisted living facility.