Nikita Blount

HCN Success Stories
Nikita Blount

I started working at a Long-Term Care facility at the age of 18, I have always wanted to become a nurse as far back as I can remember. I loved learning different things while working as a CNA, but I wanted to further my education. As an only child, I lost both my parents at the age of 21 and 22. I remember telling them my passion for wanting to become a nurse. I know they are looking down on me as I continue my journey to pursuing a nursing career. As the years went by while raising 3 children, I still had this goal in mind. Twenty years later, nursing will be my career. It is a long time coming but it is worth the wait.

I chose Hondros College of Nursing because of the program’s completion time. Additionally, the location is a convenience for me.

To achieve your goals, be sure to utilize time management, because you will need it to complete your work and studies. Be able to say “no, not right now, I have to study” because school needs to be your top priority.

I would strongly suggest that if nursing is truly your passion, then go for it. There will be some challenges that you will overcome, but it is all worth it in the end. There are so many opportunities in the nursing field.

Nikita Blount is a student in the Practical Nursing program at our Indianapolis campus. She works for an Assisted Living facility as a Qualified Medical Aide.