Stephanie Childress

HCN Success Stories



My passion has always been in the healthcare field. Taking care of family and putting others first is what I do best. When Covid-19 arrived on the scene, I continued to work alongside many great nurses and healthcare team members during this tough time. I both wanted and needed to do more. With many discussions and much encouragement from others, I decided that I wanted to be a better advocate for my patients by continuing my nursing education.

I decided to attend Hondros College of Nursing after researching the various nursing programs in my area. Hondros gives me the opportunity to complete the Practical Nursing program in a year. The enrollment advisor was also very helpful and informative. She walked me through everything and even made sure I was comfortable and understood each choice during the selection process. I am confident I made the right decision with Hondros.

As a piece of advice, I would suggest getting organized and creating a schedule for school, family, and leisure time. Most of us must work while going to school, so communicate with your employer about your plans, and create a schedule that will work for everyone. I would freshen up on math, especially dosages and calculations, and look over anatomy and physiology beforehand.

Stephanie Childress is a student in the Practical Nursing Program at our Akron campus.