1. What made you decide to pursue nursing as a career?

I decided to choose nursing as a career to help others in need. I love that as a nurse there are so many different specialties to choose from. In my career as a nurse, I’ve worked in pediatrics, geriatrics and currently working with hospice patients.

2. What made you decide to attend Hondros College of Nursing?

HCON ADN program provided me the flexibility I needed. I attended evening classes while working part time.  The 15 month accelerated program was definitely the deciding factor for me! 5 semesters and finished!!!

3. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting nursing school? What can you do while in school for maximum success after graduation?

Nursing school is for those that are committed. This program requires you to be dedicated! Being organized will help you in your journey. Time management is key! Organization and time management will help you to becoming an amazing nurse!

4. What were the behaviors you had to exhibit in order to reach your goal?

I’m currently working with Hospice of Cincinnati.  This career journey takes me back to my “why” I chose to become a nurse. I provide care to patients with life-limiting illness, focusing on pain and symptom management, providing support to the patient and their loved ones emotional and spiritual needs, while providing support for their caregivers. I’ve definitely found my “calling” as a nurse! I love what I do as a Hospice nurse. 

5. Where are you currently working? Tell us about your career journey and all the great things about where you work and what you do!

I received several awards while attending Hondros College; Rising Star Award, Florence Nightingale Award and Highest GPA award.