Lisa Swinderman

HCN Success Stories

I have been the Senior Director of Admissions at Hondros for almost eight years.  I assist our new students through the admission process.  It has been an honor to work for a company that has such a strong passion for developing nurses of the future.  I get the opportunity to meet our students when they are first stepping into their education here.  I understand the concerns and obstacles they face starting a new chapter of their life.  The resilience of our students is on display every day.  They are overcomers. 

We just got the opportunity to move into a new location on Poe Ave in Vandalia.  We sit at the I-70/ I-75 corridor.  The new location has made us more visible to the Dayton community.  It has also created more opportunities for our Indianapolis PN students to attend our ADN program.  The Dayton campus now offers 3 nursing labs with extra classroom space to grow into. 

Lisa Swinderman is the Senior Director of Admissions at the Dayton campus.