Shelby Steiner

HCN Success Stories

Watching these students excel in their classes while trying to balance their home and work life really impressed me. You could even say they almost inspired me to go back to school. When I found out that employees received tuition assistance, I was on top of it and ecstatic to finally get my degree! I am working towards obtaining my bachelor’s in communications while working full-time and juggling obstacles that life throws at me. I can empathize with these students whose lives are just busy and sometimes hectic. 

Working at Hondros the past 3 and a half years has been such a great adventure! I think my favorite part about being the admissions coordinator is the love and support I have from my work family and getting to know our students. Due to the nature of my work being versatile, I get to know the students by name and form relationships with them. Our students know that I am always here to talk and answer questions. It is a great feeling when a student leaves my desk with their questions answered and a smile on their face. It is an even better feeling when they come to my desk and thank me for everything I do. I don’t think these students know that I appreciate them just as much as they appreciate me! 


Shelby Steiner is the Admissions Coordinator at the Dayton campus.