Tara Panta

HCN Success Stories

I decided to pursue nursing after assisting a patient with their meal. At my previous job, I assisted an elderly patient struggling with her food tray. One of her hands appeared to be paralyzed and she could hardly move the other. After witnessing this, I asked her if she needed assistance. She told me that she needed help and was very hungry. I then realized I wanted to do more than simply help with meals. I realized that once I became a nurse, I could help save lives. Additionally, COVID-19 fueled this desire when I saw the effect it had on people and healthcare. 


I selected Hondros College of Nursing because it is a great location, and my cousins recommended it. I moved here from Oklahoma, I wanted to both attend nursing school and be near my parents, so they could help look after my kids. The support from my parents allows me the flexibility I need to attend classes.  


To those interested in nursing, remember that it does not matter if you start later than others, it is never too late to initiate new things in life. Be sure to put in the needed work, and once you graduate you will be looking towards a career in nursing!


Tara Panta is a student in the Associate Degree in Nursing Program at our Westerville campus.