Tuition Increase Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition Rates:Winter 2023Spring 2023Increase Per Credit Hour
Practical Nursing$366.00$385.00$19.00
Associate Degree in Nursing$422.00$444.00$22.00
Associate Degree in Nursing Alumni Rate$402.00$423.00$21.00
ProgramTermNew Term Tuition*Increase per Quarter*
Practical Nursing OH & MI Campuses1$4,620.00$228.00
Practical Nursing OH & MI Campuses2$4,620.00$228.00
Practical Nursing OH & MI Campuses3$4,620.00$228.00
Practical Nursing OH & MI Campuses4$4,620.00$228.00
Practical Nursing - Indianapolis Campus1$4,620.00$228.00
Practical Nursing - Indianapolis Campus2$4,620.00$228.00
Practical Nursing - Indianapolis Campus3$5,005.00$247.00
Practical Nursing - Indianapolis Campus4$4,620.00$228.00
Associate Degree in Nursing1$5,328.00$264.00
Associate Degree in Nursing2$5,328.00$264.00
Associate Degree in Nursing3$5,328.00$264.00
Associate Degree in Nursing4$5,328.00$264.00
Associate Degree in Nursing5$5,772.00$286.00
Associate Degree in Nursing Alumni Rate1$5,076.00$252.00
Associate Degree in Nursing Alumni Rate2$5,076.00$252.00
Associate Degree in Nursing Alumni Rate3$5,076.00$252.00
Associate Degree in Nursing Alumni Rate4$5,076.00$252.00
Associate Degree in Nursing Alumni Rate5$5,499.00$273.00
*Based on Full Time Enrollment
The increase per quarter amounts above reflect a full time enrollment status (12+ credit hours) for the term.
To calculate the impact for less than full time enrollment status, multiply the number of credit hours remaining times the increase in per credit hour.
Example: Term 2 PN student with 9 credit hours = 9 credit hours * $19.00 per credit hour = $171.00 increase for Term 2

Federal financial aid eligibility will neither increase nor decrease as a result of this change in cost. The tuition increase does not affect your eligibility. Eligibility and amounts are pre-determined and prescribed by Federal Student Aid (FSA) – the U.S. Department of Education.

Our website provides guidance on where you may be able to seek other funding options. Use this helpful link to review these options.

New payment plans will not be issued for the tuition increase.  A new payment plan will be issued for any changes in enrollment status.  If a new payment plan is issued due to a change in enrollment status, it will be reflective of the tuition increase.

A student is required to remain up-to-date with their current financial plan with the College. Payment for the tuition increase will need to be paid prior to a student's graduation.

Any payment made to cover the tuition increase needs to be made in addition to your regular monthly payment due. Failure to make the payment in addition to your monthly payment may result in inaccurate reporting of payment plan payments due.

The impact of the tuition increase may cause a student to have out of pocket costs.  Students are encouraged to monitor their billing statement frequently for any potential balances.  Students can view their billing statement on their student portal, under the "My Billing Statement" tab. 

A student can make their payment directly on their student portal, under the "My Billing Statement" tab on the left-hand navigation pane.  If paying with cash or check, you may make your payments at the front desk on campus.

The percentage of the tuition reduction will not change. However, the community partner pricing reduction will be taken off of the new tuition. 



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