HCN may offer interim measures (supportive measures) to the complainant and respondent, as necessary, during any criminal or HCN-led investigation into a Title IX complaint and before the final outcome of any HCN-led investigation. To the extent HCN does not routinely offer services that may constitute appropriate interim measures, HCN shall make a good faith effort to enter into memoranda of understanding with support services agencies as may be necessary to meet HCN’s Title IX obligations. All such memoranda and activities thereunder shall comply with the requirements under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. § 1232g) and its implementing regulations (34 C.F.R. Pt. 99), as each may be amended from time to time.

Any complainant of a Title IX Offense should be aware of the options to seek treatment for injuries, preventative treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and other services. Complainants are encouraged to discuss with health care providers, HCN officials, and first responders the option of seeking medical treatment and are encouraged to preserve evidence, which may be necessary to prove a crime has occurred, or to obtain a protective order. A complainant of an alleged Title IX Offense may report such offense to law enforcement agencies or HCN responsible employees, including the Title IX Coordinator. Complainants may, at their choosing, (a) directly notify law enforcement authorities, (b) be assisted by HCN in notifying law enforcement authorities, or (c) decline to notify such authorities. Complainants also may be able to obtain protective, no contact, restraining, or similar lawful orders issued by an appropriate court.

HCN may provide counseling services without charge to each of the complainant and the respondent if HCN determines that counseling is an appropriate interim measure. HCN shall notify each of the complainant and the respondent of their respective options to avoid contact with the other party and change, as appropriate, academic, professional, and extracurricular activities as well as their respective living, transportation, dining, and working situation.  HCN shall ensure that the complainant and the respondent are aware of (a) their respective Title IX rights, (b) available support services and resources, and (c) the right to report an alleged crime to local law enforcement.  A non-exhaustive list of available assistance options are attached hereto as Exhibit D.