This Policy and related information and training shall be accessible to students and employees with disabilities as well as those who are English language learners. Title IX prohibits retaliation against the complainant, the respondent, anyone who files a third-party report, any witness, or anyone else who otherwise participates in the investigative and disciplinary processes. HCN will take steps to prevent and respond to such retaliation consistent with its Title IX obligations.

HCN shall provide prevention and awareness educational programs to new and existing students and employees. These programs shall include information on (a) Title IX, (b) how to file a Title IX complaint with HCN, (c) resources available to sexual assault victims, and (d) options for reporting an incident of sexual assault to local law enforcement. Training on this Policy and HCN’s Title IX obligations will be provided to students and employees. HCN shall consider educational methods that are most likely to help students and employees retain such information. HCN requires that the Title IX Coordinator and any investigators or adjudicators have (a) training or experience in handling Title IX complaints, and, if applicable, (b) training in the operation of the relevant Grievance Procedures.

Title IX Training Materials

Title IX Overview
Title IX Level 1 Training – Higher Education Annual Clery Training and Introduction to Title IX Basics
Title IX Level 2 Training – Title IX Coordinator Training
Title IX Level 2 Training – Title IX Appeals Officer Training