HCN shall process all institutional complaints and reports received from responsible employees, regardless of where the alleged Title IX Offense geographically occurred, to determine whether the conduct involved an HCN education program or activity, or the provision of aid, benefits, or services to HCN students. Upon initiating an investigation, HCN shall notify all individuals who are believed to have documentary, electronic, or tangible evidence to preserve such evidence. HCN may, in its sole discretion, conduct remotely any Title IX investigation, in whole or in part, using electronic and other remote means.

HCN shall coordinate its Title IX investigation with any other ongoing HCN or criminal investigation of the incident. If the fact-finding portion of HCN’s investigation is suspended due to the existence of a criminal investigation, it shall resume promptly once law enforcement officials have completed their evidence-gathering and have authorized HCN to proceed with its investigation.

Title IX prohibits retaliation against an individual because he or she participated or refused to participate, in any manner, in HCN’s investigation. HCN shall take steps to prevent retaliation and shall promptly investigate any alleged retaliation, including threats, intimidation, coercion, or discrimination. HCN shall take appropriate steps to address any alleged retaliation consistent with its Title IX obligations. Reports of alleged retaliation shall be processed under the Generally Applicable Grievance Procedures or HCN’s anti-discrimination and harassment policy, as appropriate.